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  • Merchhhh
    A few weeks ago, I posted an apology for all the things I said when I was […]
  • Divinity never Died.
    The divine isn’t risen because the divine never died. It lives on in this continuous thread being woven in history through people who call out injustice, challenge religion, fight oppression, and work to bring peace to earth and goodwill towards all humankind.
  • Witch hunt
    We might be living post-enlightenment, but the church seems to be very happy to remain in the dark ages as that is where it is justified to keep burning witches.
  • Where did we all go wrong?
    The maniac is the one who painted god in that light- who created god in their own hateful, murderous image, and then wrote it down in a holy book.
  • Does not Spark Joy
    I am still wrestling– and though I may come out of this wrestling match with what others might see as a limp, that limp is part of who I am. It is part of my whole self, my unapologetically honest self because I am not Jacob the trickster, I am Israel: the one who wrestles with God. Why would I ever want to be anywhere else? Why would I want to hide that from the world? I’m limping, but I LIVE. I am a human wanting to know not from a forbidden tree in a lush garden, but from the voice that is calling in the wilderness– calling those in the valley of dry bones to real, honest, abundant life.
  • Tourists. Damn Tourists.
    My mom ran towards me and with fear and trembling in her voice said: “Terrorists! Get inside! Terrorists!” I did not know what terrorists were. I actually thought that she said “tourists,” so I imagined a throng of overweight white people, in wide brimmed hats and Hawaiian shirts, getting off of a tour bus and walking like zombies. Oh to be 10 again—reality was not so kind and well-humored.
  • Ain’t it.
    What we have right now- a church defined by national pride, white supremacy, and toxic theology- ain’t it.
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  • Rain, rain, go away.
    If only rain could wash away the evil in this world If only rain could soothe and clean out wounds If only rain could water seeds of love and kindness If only thunder was the rumblings of Justice condemning hate to hell And lightening, the teacher who erased all ignorance and called out those walking in its darkness. Yet, rain can only fall. And as it falls, it falls like tears as humanity weeps for the mess we’ve made of ourselves It only falls and weeps
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  • Astronomy is Not About Stars
    A person who studies scientific books with a view to knowing the truth, ought to turn himself into a hostile critic of everything that he studies … if he takes this course, the truth will be revealed to him and the flaws…in the writings of his predecessors will stand out clearly.
  • I Wrote Me A Little Poem
    In the beginning, God created everything The earths[planets], the suns, the seas He made bacteria, the dinosaurs, the mammoths, and the trees He loves his creation, and that is clear to see As he gave sapiens a mind to think, and know, and feel, and be He left a lot of clues for scientists to find To figure out just how it’s made, to get into his mind And as we study more and more, the bigger our God gets For there is so much left to learn and much to keep us guessing The universe reveals his power- black holes are glorious things And so are tiny worker bees with pollen on their wings In big and little, God is seen A being full of glory Look up and down and all around, take in the Great Big Story
  • I Done Goofed
    One comment stood out above the rest though. For some unknown reasons, it’s now deleted, but I will paraphrase: “Interesting observation. My church usually turns the lights off at night, so if it was painted, it wouldn’t have light in it’s windows either.”
  • Van Gogh: This is not about his ear
    I have to admit, I am no art connosseiur. I don’t even know how to spell connosseiur. […]
  • How I Evolved From Young Earth Creationism to Understanding Science
    Second post: going all in, head first. I am not kidding. To make this post even longer, […]
  • Here we go: First post Ooh-ha-ha.
    Nemo referenece, get it? (please tell me you get it) Hey there. Thanks for visiting Thought Fossils. […]

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